Welcome to our website for a clinical research study of an investigational drug for adults experiencing a condition known as "adjustment disorder with anxiety."

If you experienced anxiety symptoms that began after a stressful event (such as job loss, divorce/separation, or family illness) you may qualify to participate in this clinical research study.

To see if you may be able to participate in this study, please complete our pre-qualifying questionnaire.

To see if you may qualify for this clinical research study, please complete this Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire.

Have you experienced financial or work problems, relationship problems such as divorce or conflict, health issues, emotional stress due to illness, or other stressful events?
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Why Is This Clinical Research Study Important?

Stressful events are a part of life. Sometimes, the anxiety and stress interfere with the person’s life at work, home, or school. When this happens, the person may have a condition known as adjustment disorder.

The goal of this study is to learn more about the safety of the drug being investigated and how well it may work to relieve anxiety. It is possible that this research study may eventually lead to the approval of a new treatment for adjustment disorder with anxiety.

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Participating Cities

  • Massachusetts
    •  Watertown
  • New York
    •  New York
  • Pennsylvania
    •  Media

What is Clinical Research?

Although there are many definitions, a clinical research study (also called a clinical trial) is generally considered to be health-related clinical research in people with a specific condition. Studies like this one evaluate “investigational” drugs or medications, meaning that the drugs are not yet approved by medical authorities, such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

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